Pharmacy’s coffee-shop obtains ISO 14001

Pharmacy’s coffee-shop obtains ISO 14001

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Our coffee-shop of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona (UB) has achieved ISO 14001: 2004 certification in recognition of the quality of their environmental management systems. Obtaining this certification reflects the commitment of the company for including sustainable systems and schemes of work in our stores.

A strong environmental commitment

Certificado ISO 14001 2004 - FarmaciaUniversitas Pharmacy’s commitment to the environment is one of the signs of identity of the company since it was born and is visible in various initiatives that we include in our restaurants. Within the environmental policy of the firm is the commitment to the use of reusable, returnable and low environmental impact packaging. According to this, we’ve replaced the tins for glass, we’ve been using recoverable glass containers  since a few years ago, and we’ve also implemented collection and transport trucks to the warehouse to facilitate the process.

All this was supported by an awareness campaign focused on customers. We are pioneers in the commitment to maximize the use of recovered glass containers, which means that currently 85% of all drinks are served in glass format. In addition, we have been working on the implementation of its own waste collection system, working closely with companies accredited by the Catalan Waste Agency for the collection of paper, cardboard, aluminum and oil.

Optimization of energy consumption

We committed to initiatives that allow energy savings in all our cafes and restaurants, such as the installation of counters and the efficient management of light consumption according to the hour in the restaurants. We also have adaptive systems of consumption or seasonal time slots, so that consumption is optimized according to the degree of activity and energy requirements of each cafe.


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