Especialists in food service

It was in 2003 when we began to manage the cafe-restaurant of the Business Faculty of the University of Barcelona (UB), now known as Business and Economics 696. Since then, thanks to our know-how and our passion for well done work, we have achieved the management of collective restoration of a total of 21 different cafes and restaurants of Catalan universities.

We are heirs to a long tradition in the various aspects of the hostelry and over the years we have specialized in the field of catering. Currently, Universitas means versatile, accessible and pleasant perfect spaces to enjoy multisensory dining experiences offered by our friendly, highly qualified and motivated team.

Quality products, competitive prices and constant commitment to healthy Mediterranean diet mark our wide range of basic services, that we complete with customized own proposals to satisfy the expectations and demands of our customers.

Aware that user expectations are every day more than a good price and a good product, we are committed to turn Universitas cafes and restaurants in centers set up and optimized to enjoy the cuisine with the five senses.



Our extensive experience in the field of restoration has enabled us to go optimizing and expanding our business model, increase lines and improve the services we offer.

We offer a bar-cafe based on a multifunctional space with a large uninterrupted schedule, which is optimized for service times and collection.


Is part of our identity the commitment to traditional Catalan dishes and Mediterranean modern cuisine, starting with the breakfasts, which include healthy products in addition to traditional and a wide range of sandwiches made with different types of bread (whole, grits, multigrain…) and in different sizes.


We offer basic services of bar-cafeteria, self-service and table service while offer multiple alternatives to our customers. Apart from the self-service space and salad buffet, we have created an “At the moment” service that includes meat, fish, sauteed vegetables, risottos, pastas, pizzas and so on.

Our table service includes a daily menu and a list of “At the moment” dishes that change every day, plus an executive menu with seasonal four starters, four seconds and four desserts.


We also support the inclusion of a menu prepared exclusively with products from organic farming.

In addition, we have implemented a closed Take Away menu and various Casual Food dishes: salads and starters in containers of various capacities.

We do not forget either of groups with special needs such as lactose intolerance, celiac, diabetics, vegetarians, etc.

Customer Support

Our cafes and restaurants are designed as spaces where you can enjoy relaxed way of dining experiences to delight all the senses. Universitas means commitment to culture in all its branches and springs. We schedule in our local different activities that our customers can enjoy throughout the year.

They can book by phone, e-mail or through various online platforms such as El tenedor or Atrápalo.


Thanks to our extensive online presence, our customers are constantly informed of all the possibilities we offer through our website and our profiles and pages on social networks. Also, we reward your loyalty not only through Universitas Club card but also with contests, sweepstakes and promotions.

We encourage your interaction with us through new platforms that gives us the digital marketing and for this, we offer free wifi in all our cafes and restaurants.

Thanks to this 2.0 customer support we can know your opinion about our products and services in real time and use this information to our constant business improvement.


Here are some examples of activities we do in our local:

  • Tasting courses and wine pairing and champagne.
  • Coaching courses for hostelry.
  • Languages exchanges.
  • Corner reading service called “The butxaca”.
  • Tastings and themed menus.


Social and environmental commitment

This is certainly one of the hallmarks that accompanies us from birth, palpable both in our services and products and in our attitudes.


Coffee and sugar we use in Universitas come from fair trade because we firmly believe that we must fight against child exploitation and pay a living wage to workers.


As a ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system certified company, we care for our environment and incorporate the best practices in environmental issues.

We use crockery, glassware and cutlery reusable, maximizing the use of returnable glass containers. To this end, we focus on the implementation of systems of deposit and return system SDDR.

In addition, we implemented separate collection of waste: organic matter, paper and cardboard, light packaging, glass and plant oils. We work with authorized Waste Agency of Catalonia carriers.


On the other hand, we include in the supply of beverages and food products certified organic farming. This is possible thanks to our commitment with local suppliers for the supply of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, among other products.

Thanks to these agreements is possible to offer a daily menu fully prepared with products from organic farming, in line with our policy of promoting the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Some of our clients:

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