Integration of people at risk of exclusion

Integration of people at risk of exclusion

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Universitas works closely with different foundations and cooperatives that help the social integration of people with difficulties to get it. In this line, we recently made cooperation agreements with various entities, including Ared Foundation, Impulsem and Intermedia. We’ve also included in our staff people at risk of social exclusion.

Ared Foundation works to achieve social integration and employment of people in situation of social exclusion, mainly women from prisons and social services.

Impulsem, a cooperative of social initiative and non-profit organization, is focused on developing integrator actions in education, employment and social fields in order to contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives.

Intermedia is a non-profit organization that serves vulnerable people, promoted by the IRES Foundation, Fundació Surt i Suara Cooperativa, with a long history of social action to improve the occupation. It is certified as a placement agency.


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